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Boost up the Performance Speed of Your PC or Laptop with Branded Motherboard at Lower Price in BD

A motherboard is the core part of a computer and the better quality of a motherboard ensures the smooth functioning of a computer. It is the main circuit board of a computer. All the peripherals or components attached to the system get connected through the motherboard. A motherboard holds the chipset and other integrated components & sockets such as CMOS, BIOS, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), Universal Serial Bus (USB), and much more. CHL Gadget has arranged a large number of branded motherboard for you at the best price in BD.

Different types of Computer Motherboard

AT motherboard: Suitable for mini desktops, this advanced technology (AT) motherboards offered Sockets and six-pin plugs to connect the devices. These types of motherboards were introduced in the mid-80s.

ATX motherboard: These types of motherboards are the upgraded version of AT motherboards. Intel first produced these types of motherboards around the mid-90s. The major advantage of ATX motherboard was the interchangeability of the connected components. There were two types of ATX motherboards such as Micro-ATX motherboard and Mini ITX Motherboard.

E-ATX Motherboard: E-ATX Motherboard was designed for both single CPU configuration and dual CPU connection. It has 8 RAM slots and more PCIe and PCI slots. This type of motherboard allows not only desktop computing, they are also used for workstations and servers.

Find the Highest Performance Gaming Motherboards from CHL Gadget at the Best Prices in BD

A gamer always looks for powerful motherboards that can hold multiple graphics cards for the ultimate gaming experience. CHL Gadget has arranged a large number of branded motherboards for you such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI etc. We offer you all the high quality motherboards at a competitive price. So, get around here in our website and enjoy the offers and discounts on most of the product.