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Protect Your Computer, Buy Thermal Paste from CHL Gadget at Best Price in BD

Thermal paste is a very vital substance that is used between the processor and the heat sink to transfer heat from CPU to heatsink. Naturally, we don’t realize the importance of using thermal paste. Or, sometimes we forget to apply it. And the end result is we damage our computer. CHL Gadget is the best thermal paste provider in BD at a very reasonable price. When you purchase your computer don’t forget to buy thermal paste.

Why Use Thermal Paste?

We are sure that, you already notice when you work on your computer for a long time your CPU gets too hot and you need to draw the heat as soon as possible. If you look inside, your PC, you will see that there is a little gap between the CPU and heat sink. Anyhow, the air gets into this gap and reduces heat transfer capacity. So, to balance heat transfer capacity, you have to repair this gap. And thermal paste is the solution for this purpose. It creates an air-tight seal and transfers heat from the CPU to the heat sink.

What Happen if You Don’t Use Thermal Paste?

You have to remember that, without thermal paste, optimal heat transfer is not possible between your CPU and the heat sink. As a result, Your CPU gets a lot hotter. And the end result is blue screens, stuttering from throttling, and random shutdown.

If you want to know how to apply thermal paste then just Google it. You will find tons of instructions. Follow which one you think is easiest. Also, you can search on Youtube.