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Buy Fancy and stylish Pen drive from CHL Gadget at a cheap price in BD

Here you can find the best pen drive price in BD. Select your pen drive according to your required storage. We have different storage capacity Pendrive at the best price in Bangladesh. Also, you can select ped drive designs and brands from a wide range of Varieties. Check our pen drive list and make your purchase. By the way, you can make your purchase from our physical shop too. CHL Gadget’s physical shop is located at Multiplan Centre, Dhaka.

How to use a pen drive?

A pen drive is a computer accessory that store data as well as transfers data from one computer to another. The best part is, it is rewritable, removed, and smaller. So, it is easy to use and easy to carry. You may hear the terms flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive, or USB drive. But they are all same and that is pen drive. If you want to transfer data easily and quickly to different devices you should take the best pen drive. Transferring data with a pen drive does not require any internet connection as well as sign-in, downloading, or uploading anything. All you need is to plug in and transfer.

Features of pen drive

The interface is the most important factor in your pen drive. Most of the time pen drive supports any device. But you have to be careful before buying and check, do your device supports your selected pen drive? There are various types of USB interfaces available in our stores like USB2.0, USB3.0, USB3.1, and USB3.2.

Pen drive storage is another important feature. You can find available pen drive with different storage capabilities. We offer 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 128GB, 256GB and more storage capacity pen drives. It’s totally up to you, how much capacity do you require?

There are many brands that produce pen drives with different storage capacities. Always purchase a pen drive from a trusted brand. Renowned brands like Adata, Transcend, Apacer, Corsair pen drive are available on our website.

Other important factors are RAM and OTG. Bus speed speeds up RAM speed. OTP helps to connect with any device like smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop.