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Check out your desired mouse Pad at a competitive Price in BD

Here at CHL Gadget, we provide both types of mouse pads of various sizes, thicknesses, design, lighting, etc. So, no matter what you need, a cloth one, a hard one, we have all of them at a very competitive price as well. So, if you are thinking of buying a new mouse pad for your mouse don’t forget to check out CHL Gadget. We can ensure that you can find the right mouse pad you desire at a very reasonable price in BD. On top of all that, we can deliver your product within the shortest period of time.

Why a mouse pad is important?

A mouse pad is a pad that is used for your mouse. Maybe you are thinking, why mouse pad is necessary? But when you use a good quality mouse pad then you will realize the difference. There are two types of mousepads; one is cloth pads another one is hard pads.

Cloth pads are made of a rubber base on top of it by stitching or gluing. On the other hand, a hard pad is made of plastic or polycarbonate with a rubber base.

Both mouse pads have their advantages and disadvantages. The hard mouse pad has a smoother glide compared to the cloth mouse pad. But a cloth mouse pad has better control than a hard mouse pad.

What is a gaming mouse pad? And why use it?

We are sure that you already heard the term gaming mouse pad. Let us give you a clear conscience about these two.

Well, there is a lot of difference between a normal mouse pad and a gaming mouse pad. A gaming mouse is made of a very high-quality surface. That’s why it is very smooth with proper texture. The gaming mouse pad provides excellent mouse precision. Gaming mouse pad is for computer gamers. On the other hand, a normal mouse pad maintains standard surface quality. This is only for regular users.