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Buy Laptop Battery Online at low Price in BD at CHL Gadget

The battery is an integral part of the laptop. Lithium-style battery is the most used laptop battery. The temperature of the environment, type of motherboard, length of time the laptop is in power-off mode are the main factors of the battery’s lifespan. The laptop battery is brand and model-specific. So, pairing the right battery with the right model laptop is very important. Here at CHL Gadget, you can find all brands of laptop batteries with the suitable model at a compatible price in BD. At the time of buying, don’t forget to note the date of manufacture.

Maintain good health of your battery

Firstly, keep your battery charge between 40 and 80 percent. This way of use extends the charge capacity of your battery. Secondly, don’t leave your laptop plugged in and let it run hot. It will slowly damage your battery’s sustainability. Thirdly, keep your laptop ventilated and store it somewhere cool. Because your battery won’t last long if it gets too much hot. Lastly, don’t let your laptop charge get zero. A deep discharge causes undue stress to any battery.

When to replace your battery?

No matter how well you maintain your battery, eventually, your battery will take a dive. It is recommended that you should change your battery when your battery capacity falls below 80 percent. When your battery health gets below 80 percent, it takes a longer time to charge as well as your battery will run out quickly.

You can find different branded laptop batteries like HP, Dell, Asus at a very reasonable price at our online store in BD. Furthermore, you can purchase our product physically. To buy our product physically visit our physical store located at Multiplan Centre, Dhaka.