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HP Laptop Charger Price in BD

Why you purchase HP Charger from us:

Have a look at our website to find your desired HP laptop charger price in BD. We will give you the best viable HP Adapter/charger at an advantageous value that gives you suitable power and assists with diminishing power vacillations for your HP PC/scratchpad. An HP Smart AC Adapter distinguishes and deals with the right electrical flow stream that is both controlled and proficient for your HP Business Notebook and chose Docking Stations, permitting you to save battery life, be useful, and appreciate continuous power. Be ready with the proper association as a substitution or reinforcement connector. Gives an advantageous and convenient influence hotspot for utilization in a versatile setting, permitting you to get a good deal on gear, energy, and travel. For an advantageous, effortless experience, it’s common across all HP PCs, Business Notebooks, Elitebook’s, ProBook, Pavilion.

Charger Specialty:

Power connectors that are intended to use as little energy as could really be expected. A very much upgraded right-calculated (90°) connector diminishes link power, just as a discretionary 4.5mm to 7.4mm transformation connector. Flood defenders worked to shield against power vacillations.


**Output: 19.5v – 3.33A, Wattage: 65W


**Output Volt: 18.5V – 3.5A, 65W


Easy to utilize: Plug one finish of the connector into a standard power source and the opposite end into your HP Business Notebook or HP Docking Station. Any place you work, stay empowered. Leave an extra at home or keep the small connector in the conveying sack of your journal.