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Stylish Cougar Keyboard at the Cheapest Price in BD

Cougar was established in 2008. Cougar is a popular high-quality gaming peripherals manufacturer. It manufactures cases, PC power supplies, cooling systems, mouses, keyboards, and headphones.

The Cougar keyboard has many outstanding features which are very customer-friendly. The Puri TKL RGB is a portable keyboard. At just under 15″ long, these 10 key-less devices fit in a backpack or suitcase. The USB cable is removable so you don’t have to try to wrap it around the keyboard and it comes with a durable magnetic cover. It’s thick and heavy compared to consumer travel keyboards, but that’s because the Puri TKL has a full set of mechanical keys that are 100% RGB programmable.

Because of its size, there aren’t any extra keys for controlling the function of the keyboard. The function key is doing a ton of work here, considering just how much customization is available. You’ll need to remember a series of multi-step commands if you intend to change the backlight pattern or reprogram the keys, which I honestly don’t really expect anyone to do. It would have been nice to have a key specifically for simply turning the backlight off, but committing one key combo to memory isn’t the end of the world. Visit our online store to buy your preferable cougar keyboard at the best price in BD. CHL Gadget is a renowned keyboard supplier all over Bangladesh.