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Bluetooth Speaker Price in BD | Sound Box Price in Bangladesh | CHL Gadget

If you want to carry your speaker during travel Bluetooth speaker is the best choice for you. No matter where you are, you can connect your speaker wirelessly to your mobile phone. You can listen to music in your kitchen while cooking, in the gym while doing exercise, or in your car while driving. What you have to do is, pairing your speaker to your mobile phone or laptop. There is a variety of speakers in CHL Gadget with varying price ranges. CHL Gadget is the best place to buy Bluetooth speaker and also you can see the lowest price in BD.

Bluetooth Speaker Brands and Prices in CHL Gadget

A good set of speakers can transfer sound to the next level. There are many Bluetooth speakers with different models and features on market. Find the best speaker features which suit you most. The price of a Bluetooth speaker varies as per the sound quality they have. All sizes and shapes of Bluetooth speakers with renowned companies like Fantech, Xiaomi, Mi, Sony, Remax are available in CHL Gadget. You can find stylish and classy designs of Bluetooth speakers in our stock. We update every product category and price on a daily basis.

Uses and Features of Bluetooth Speaker

In general, a Bluetooth speaker is used for listening to music. You can enjoy the utmost quality of music with the speaker. You can carry it easily. It has a microphone feature. So, you can easily maintain phone calls with this. Almost all Bluetooth has waterproof features. So, if your Bluetooth gets wet accidentally you don’t have to worry about it. Another good thing is that, if your mobile charge is running out, you can use your Bluetooth speaker as an adapter to charge your phone.